Crescent Beach and Blackie’s Spit – Surrey BC Canada – Remembrance

When things get stressful in my life, whatever the reason may be, this is one of the most peaceful and rejuvenating places to be in south Surrey.  A long walk, often with my camera brings me back to centre and calmness.  This area is a treasure of nature right in the middle of the city.

This is a special day for remembrance for our veterans and families ~ may they all have peace.

New Beginnings

A journey is a beginning and I hope it will have no ending.  This image is titled Journey Into. It was one of the 1st images made as part of my composition and design photography class at Langara.  It is my shadow looking into an unknown space and really signifies my desire to travel to new destinations, using my photography as artistic interpretation to describe my experiences.   I use destinations very liberally: ~it maybe a place to travel to, be it near or far, or even just a state of mind.


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